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I am

a person from Waterford City in Ireland, I am a parent, a sibling and I was the adult child of my parents who have sadly passed away. I have experienced gender identity conflict from as long back into my childhood that I can remember. I took the very difficult decision to gender transition back in 2007 and although I faced a harrowing response from some loved ones (which I understand), as I began to get used to living in my female gender identity my internal anxiety started to decrease and I became more and more comfortable and content in my life. 

In parallel to my gender transition, I decided to focus on aspects of my personal and professional life and I began studying (I left school at 14), I studied counselling, then went on to complete a BA (hon) Psychology and then a PhD in Philosophy. During those years I worked with a trans-NGO called TENI, in which I developed many great professional relationships in the health service. I designed and delivered training to healthcare professionals, teachers, students and many others. I developed TransParenCI (a family support group) in 2011, and I did this in memory of my mother, given that she had absolutely no insight or support in the context of my gender transition and died very early in my transition. 

 My experiences drive me to make meaningful changes in society but also to help others take a stepwise but realistic approach to become the authentic person that they feel that they are in this life. I believe that my personal and professional experiences will help me to help you achieve these goals. 

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