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research & policy writing

Here at Gendercare we can help with gender identity or trans related proposals or ethics applications, along with further partnering on important research to highlight the experiences and the development of vital healthcare services for trans people in Ireland and around the globe.



Research is one of our specialities in Gendercare, given our vast experience in both publishing and collaborating on research.

In 2013 Dr. Lacey was the Irish lead on the ‘Speaking from the Margins’ research, focusing on the experiences of trans people in Ireland.

We have also supported various other projects, including the recently published ‘The post primary school experiences of Trans and Gender Diverse Youth in Ireland’.

Dr Lacey has also worked in partnership with most Irish universities and colleges, also she has worked in collaboration and co-authored with the University of Minnesota.



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  • Ní Shé, É., Morton, S., Lambert, V., Ní Cheallaigh, C., Lacey, V., Dunn, E., Loughnane, C., O'Connor, J., McCann, A., Adshead, M. and Kroll, T., 2019. Clarifying the mechanisms and resources that enable the reciprocal involvement of seldom heard groups in health and social care research: A collaborative rapid realist review process. Health Expectations, 22(3), pp.298-306.

  • McGuire, J.K., Catalpa, J.M., Lacey, V. and Kuvalanka, K.A., 2016. Ambiguous loss as a framework for interpreting gender transitions in families. Journal of Family Theory & Review, 8(3), pp.373-385.

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policy writing

We have vast experience in both writing and contributing to policy development.


Having previously worked within an Irish Trans NGO, and have contributed to numerous different policies, varying from third level colleges to HSE Trans Hospital Policy and ICGP Trans Guidelines.


We would be delighted to help you develop a first class trans inclusive policy for your business or sector and can guide you through the steps to achieve your goal.



In this ever growing connected world, we believe we have an important role to play in deciphering trans related information from different cultures; in research and development and translating it to meet your needs.


In our experience we have experience working with the UN and EU institutes and have presented at the highest level with these institutions. Although, Gendercare is based in Ireland, we provide services throughout the world to ensure that trans people receive the best service possible and that services pertaining to trans people grow to meet the expectations of trans people.

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Consultation and other services

Some of our other services extend to media work, local and national government consultation, and public speaking. We provide consultation to health services, schools, employers, and others to ensure that their services are trans-inclusive. Gendercare also has a vast amount of experience organising conferences and would be delighted to work with you to achieve your targets.


However, if you would like to connect with us, we can certainly adapt our wide range of skills to meet your ever-changing needs, Gendercare is proud of our creative and ‘outside the box' approach to problem-solving and we love the challenge!

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