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training for professionals

Training is our speciality. Previously we have designed and delivered training aimed at many different groups. We have worked closely with trans and LGBT+ organisations, HSE and TUSLA over the last decade and a half to ensure that the participants have an enjoyable and informative experience, and one that ultimately benefits their patient/client. 


Online information session (1-2 hours)

Our brief information sessions can be adapted to meet your needs. They provide some of the foundational information regarding trans people’s experience, including the need to understand names, pronouns, practicalities, and healthcare pathways.

These sessions are aimed at: 

  • LGBT groups 

  • Employers 

  • Businesses 

  • Healthcare professionals 

  • School staff 

  • Students 

Trainings can be delivered online or in person (where guidelines allow).  All participants will receive a certificate of completion having taken part.

Online Meeting
Conference Meeting

Full day session

Addressing the Needs of your Client (in-person or online)

This full day training extends from the brief information session and broadens out the discussion on the needs of trans people.

The content of this training includes: 

  • Addressing the practicalities of working with trans people and their families 

  • Understanding the lived experience of trans people through research and experience

  • Addressing the needs of family members of trans people 


The one day training is aimed at healthcare professionals but can be adapted to meet the needs of community groups or various other groups.

It can be delivered in-person (full day) or online (2 half days)

*Gendercare can also support, facilitate and coordinate training and conferences to meet your needs. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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